Daycare stocks up with bottled water during nitrate advisory


Among the lessons at City Kids Daycare in Hilliard, there’s one that’s a bit different.

“It’s not inconvenient,” Assistant Director, Karen Young, said. “It’s a little challenging.”

Young knows a water nitrate advisory isn’t ideal while trying to care for more than 60 children, including some in the at-risk demographic of six months and younger.

But she said thanks to bottled water, it’s tolerable.

“[We] just really watch and make sure our kids aren’t using the drinking fountain and making sure that the diluted juices are used from bottled water,” she said.

She said each of the seven classrooms has two gallons of drinking water available for children every day of the advisory.

Young wouldn’t call the precautions an inconvenience or even a problem.

“I would just call it just another day in the life of taking care of these kids,” she said. “If this is what we have to do to keep the kids safe then that’s what we’re going to do.”

The high levels of nitrate were discovered Thursday at 10.5 parts per million. The normal level is 10 parts per million.

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The advisory affects 350,000 water customers and specifically is for infants 6-months-old and younger and women who are more than 30 weeks pregnant.

The Columbus Dept. of Public Utilities advises not to boil the water, as it could concentrate the nitrate.

According to the Columbus Department of Public Utilities there is no change in the nitrate advisory since Thursday.

Assistant Director John Ivanic said that will most likely be the case throughout the Fourth of July weekend, because it takes time for the water to go back to normal.