Day of Giving: Izzy's Story


Over 10,000 patients will visit Nationwide Children's Hospital over the holiday season, and all will be cared for, regardless of a family's ability to pay.

Today we are partnering with the hospital for our annual "Day of Giving." It's a fundraising effort here in Central Ohio that helps provide the best medical care possible for children in our community.


Izzy Ford is a sweet six-year-old who has been a patient of Nationwide Children's nearly her whole life.

Sixteen weeks into the pregnancy, adoptive parents Kelly and Ashley ford learned their daughter would be born with down syndrome.

“We were going to adopt her regardless of having a disability or not,” Ashley said.

Kelly added, “I feel like it was kind of God's way to prepare us for what was going to…for what life was going to be like. What it could be like.”

Shortly after Izzy's birth, the Fords were referred to the Down Syndrome Clinic at Nationwide Children's Hospital.

Kelly said, “They (were) like our lifeline in the beginning.”

And then just six months into her young life, Izzy developed some pulmonary issues that required a 14-day stay at the hospital.

“That was when we developed that whole new appreciation for the hospital,” Kelly explained. They were truly amazing. Not only the care they provided for Izzy, but you know, helping us along the way.”

The reason Nationwide Children's Hospital is able to provide such care is because of donations and the generosity of the people in the community.

Kelly said, “I can't express the gratitude from people being generous. It's heart-warming, it truly is. But it also means so much to let those generous people who donate that the money truly goes to those in need."

While the physical care of six-year-old Izzy is of the utmost importance, the emotional support provided to her parents is invaluable as well.

“To be able to come here and you know, have them give, you know all the professionals, the care that she gets…I can't, I wouldn't want to go anywhere else and I can't imagine what it would be without them,” said Kelly.

Ashley stated, “I don't think she would be as healthy as she is today or as strong as she is today if it wasn't for being here."

Ashley and Kelly Ford said the care Izzy has received at Nationwide Children's Hospital is nothing short of amazing, and that the staff at the hospital are kindhearted people and you can truly tell they have a love for their profession in the way they care for their patients.

Today is our chance to give. To make a donation for our "Day of Giving" please call (614) 469-10TV (1088) OR toll-free (855) 746-1088.