Data shows women are now majority at U.S. medical schools for the first time

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As many students prepare for their medical school interviews some current students are already making history.

According to new data released by the Association of American Medical Colleges, women are now the majority at medical schools.

The 2019 - 2020 school year now represents the first year the scales have tipped in favor of women with them now representing 50.5 percent of medical students nationwide.

Dr. Demicha Rankin Associate Dean for Admission and Associate Professor in the Department of Anesthesiology says this movement was one that took time, but she says it was worth waiting for.

“I feel very proud of the fact that at OSU our medical school serves as leaders when it comes to educating and training women in medicine as well as underrepresented," Dr. Rankin said.

Dr. Rankin said programs like mentorship between women in the field have helped to facilitate retention within in Ohio State's medical programs.

“Having representation gives individuals who are aspiring to be physicians or researchers that tangible example of wow look at them we have some similarities," Dr. Rankin said.