Dartmouth College Shutting Down Famous Frat


In Ohio, four colleges have dealt with accusations of hazing, underage drinking, even rape involving different fraternities and sororities over the past year. Greek life at The Ohio State University, Ohio University, The University of Toledo and Miami Univesrity of Ohio all have had investigations.

But the problem just isn't a problem in Ohio; it stretches to other states and its forcing colleges to reform Greek life, on and off campus.

One of America's most prestigious colleges is leading that charge.

Dartmouth College is taking steps to shut down its most famous fraternity.

Alpha Delta was the inspiration for the movie "Animal House."

More than 30-years later, it's in trouble for branding new members.

Dartmouth Professor Peter Hackett is pushing for reform in Dartmouth's Greek system. And recently the college announced a blueprint for change.

The school banned hard alcohol and eliminated pledging in the Greek houses.

Hackett says more change is needed but it's an uphill battle.   

"When you start talking about abolishing Greek life or tampering with Greek life in any way it's a politically very difficult subject," said Hackett.

A subject that's become more pressing, with Dartmouth on the list of 105 schools under federal investigation for its handling of sexual violence and harassment cases.

Dartmouth's six-page program for campus reform promises accountability and transparency.

Freshman Justin Sanders has heard the warnings but plans to join a fraternity.

"It does offer a lot of things that you can't get anywhere else," said Sanders.

Senior Deby Guzman-Buchness quit her sorority because she thought it was discriminatory.

"The cost is people feeling not good enough" said Guzman-Buchness. "Not good enough. And putting people down. That's too great a cost for me."

Deby will graduate in June and hopes Dartmouth will continue to press for change.  

The fight is now moving to Capitol Hill, where a national group that represents Greek organizations will ask congress to prohibit campuses from ordering Greek houses to go co-ed.

They'll also make specific requests on how punishments are determined.

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