Daniel's Law sets out to change opioid prescribing


A bill is being pushed in the House to change prescribing habits for opioids and expand drug treatment options.

The biggest proponent is a dad who knows the tragedy of opioid addiction.

Scott Weidle’s son, Daniel, battled addiction for years. He sought out rehab several times and eventually found Vivitrol, a shot that blocks the effects of opioids.

But his provider closed up shop one day and they couldn't find a doctor who would help him. Daniel relapsed and overdosed.

Scott is now trying to get changes made regarding how opioids are prescribed.He’s working with lawmakers on House Bill 167 or Daniel’s Law.

It would limit the number of opioids allowed to be prescribed, limit prescribing in the primary care setting, encourage non-opioid treatment for chronic pain and make more options available for medication-assisted treatment programs.

“That’s a big missing link that people misunderstand because the doctor prescribed it, it’s safe, they’re not, medical opioids are synthetic heroin,” said Weidle.

Daniel's Law is still in the very early stages at the Ohio Statehouse. There is also a companion bill in the Senate.