Cutting in: Friends take place of deployed dad at Father-Daughter dance


It's Saturday night and these girls are full of giggles at dinner.

You could say it's date night for them as they go to the Father-Daughter Dance at Licking Heights South Elementary School.

Amiyah Dugger, Aly Wahler and Serinadi Frye chow down on some french fries with two lucky dads before the dance.

"Should be a pretty good time. They get together, they get wild," Adam Riggle, Amiyah's father said.

The problem is, there are only two dads.

"I'm going to the daddy-daughter dance with their friend's dad," Wahler said.

Aly's father, Will Wahler, is in the Army and currently is deployed. He has been for about a year. It can be hard to miss moments like these.

Adam Riggle didn't want Aly to miss out on the fun with her best friends.

"She deserves to go to the dance also," he said.

Her friends and their dads are making sure she gets to enjoy the whole experience.

"I think it's really nice that Adam and Amiyah get to go with Aly and make Aly feel special about herself," Serinadi said.

Though Aly's father cannot escort her to the gym tonight, she is grateful for friends like there.

"It makes me feel happy and that other people actually care about me," Aly said. "Like my friend's dad actually cares about me and other people care about me."

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