Crew SC, FC Cincinnati teams hold "#DaytonStrong" banner together before rivalry matchup


COLUMBUS, Ohio — While the #HellisReal hashtag took over social media accounts amid a highly-anticipated rivalry matchup, two Ohio Major League Soccer teams took a moment to honor a different slogan representing resilience and community — #DaytonStrong.

Players from the Columbus Crew SC and FC Cincinnati stood side-by-side, holding up the banner that showed support for the fellow Ohio city.

FC Cincinnati posted a video of the moment, partnered with the words "Bigger than soccer. #DaytonStrong"

The phrase "Dayton Strong" spread after the Dayton area was hit hard by tornado damage. Now, the phrase represents a community supporting each other in the wake of a deadly shooting on Aug. 4, where 9 people were killed and more than 30 others were injured.