Crew SC fans charged for 2019 season tickets, one month after Austin stadium vote

Photo credit: WBNS-10TV Sports Producer/Sports Photographer Shawn Dunagan

He's one-half of the Common Man and T-Bone team on 97.1 The Fan.

Tuesday, J. D. Smith, a season ticket holder for the Crew S. C. learned he, once again, will have his seats in 2019.

"Now, they're actually taking money for the 2019 season tickets and games that are supposedly going to be played here," he said.

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Keyword there: Supposedly.

Last month, the city of Austin approved a measure that clears the way for the Crew to move to Texas. Smith says by doing that and still having ticket holders pay for seats in Columbus, it's not fair to either city.

"My concern would be for the Austin fans who are being told there's a game that's going to be played in Austin next year and there's going to be a soccer team there and yet the owner of the team is taking money from season ticket holders here," he said. "There's not really been any decision."

Smith doesn't blame the box office. In late August, the Crew Communications team sent out a letter notifying season ticket holders who were enrolled in the auto-renewal plan about how they could opt-out if they wanted.

Smith, and others didn't opt out on purpose.

"A lot of us are doing it as kind of a statement to say we want to support the team," he said. "We want to see it here. We're glad to buy season tickets for next year assuming there's a different owner."

Smith says it's not about the money. The letter clearly says "In the event that a Major League Soccer season is not played at MAPFRE Stadium in 2019, Crew SC season ticket members will receive a refund of any payments."

Smith is hopeful to hold on to his new tickets and hopeful for new management on the pitch come next season.

"I think the work from Save the Crew that they've done is shown that there's going to be some soccer here in 2019 and I believe that's going to be the Crew," Smith said.