Crestline teacher being investigated for possible sexual misconduct; Mother questions school response


A Crawford County teacher is off the job and under investigation by Crestline Police for an allegation of sexual misconduct from a student.

The teacher in question works at Crestline Elementary School.

Because he has not been charged with a crime, 10TV is not identifying him.

Crestline Police say they are investigating an allegation of sexual battery involving a student. The accuser is 18, but because of the student-teacher relationship, sexual contact is still a crime. But 10TV has learned this wasn't the teacher's first accusation of inappropriate conduct with a student.

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The mother of a now-13-year-old student tells 10TV:

"I contacted the schools in 2016 about the teacher trying to take my male 10-year-old son at the time to an overnight game out of state."

"This man groomed my son... he was supposed to teach and protect him. I have messages from him saying he loved him... he openly admitted to taking students on 'special trips.'"

"I contacted a school board member, city council and the local police, it was briefly discussed and swept under the rug."

"Crestline failed my child and the community. We trusted the wrong people."

Police records obtained by 10TV verify the mother reported the incident.

According to the Crestline Police, the accusations weren't criminal but were concerning.

10TV spoke to Crestline Interim Superintendent John Miller by phone. He wasn't with the district in 2016 and says he learned of the 2016 allegation against the teacher just this week. Based on that, he placed the teacher on leave and says he's now conducting an administrative investigation.

He wants to know three things: whether the teacher had inappropriate contact with that student, whether the district knew about it and what action the district did or did not take.

10TV was unable to reach the teacher for comment.

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