Crestline mayor officially steps down after being caught on video using racial slur

BREAKING Crestline mayor resigns
Crestline mayor decides to resign

CRESTLINE, Ohio – After three public speakers at a council meeting last week called for his resignation, Allen Moore verbally resigned his position as the Village of Crestline Mayor Monday morning.

Earlier this month, Moore issued a public apology for language he admits was "hurtful."

"I’m glad. I’m glad that he resigned," said Kari Pfeifer, who was born and raised in Crestline.

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A press release Monday from Village Administrator John Rostash said council president Joy Miley is now the Mayor Pro Tem and will be sworn in to fulfill the term vacated by Moore.

"My goal is to step in and reassure everybody that we are moving in the right direction and things aren’t going to be tolerated," Miley said.

Former mayor Moore was caught on police body camera repeatedly using the "N word." His statements came during a conversation with Crestline's Chief of Police. Chief Joe Butler filed a complaint July 23.

He alleged Moore had repeatedly used the "N word" in his presence, and he had captured the mayor's slurs on his police body camera.

Crestline hired an outside attorney to investigate the claims. In a written report to Crestline leaders, the attorney said he viewed the video and confirmed the chief's allegations. He said the video shows the mayor using the "N word" four times.

"I was disheartened. I feel we are a better town than this," Pfeifer said.

Crestline Mayor Pro Tem Joy Miley (Marcus Nichols/WBNS-10TV)

Mayor Moore released a written apology, saying he was only repeating stories in "the original language told to him."

Moore wrote, "I do understand this language, regardless of context, is hurtful. I truly apologize for my error in repeating the words spoken by others 45 years ago."

Earlier this month, all six members of the Crestline city council signed an open letter to the community calling for Moore's immediate resignation.

Initially, village administrator John Rostash said the mayor would undergo cultural sensitivity training.

Since then, police chief Butler was put on paid administrative leave pending an internal investigation. Village leaders have not released details of that investigation.

"He was no better than the mayor in that video talking about the community," said Pfeifer about the police chief. "He might not have dropped a slur or anything, but he really wasn’t any better ... We want to see him be terminated."

Miley will hold the office of mayor until November 2019 when there will be an election. At this point, she does not plan to run for the office.

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