Credit card info possibly exposed at Ohio Applebee's locations

Applebee's - CBS News

COLUMBUS -- If you visited a central Ohio Applebee's restaurant in December 2017 or January 2018, your credit card information might've been vulnerable to hackers.

RMH Franchise Holdings, the company that handles the Applebee's payment system, said it found dangerous software called malware on systems in 15 states, including Ohio.

According to RMH Franchise Holdings' website, Columbus restaurants affected include the locations on Morse Road, Polaris Parkway, Georgesville Square Drive and Ackerman Road.

Law enforcement and cybersecurity experts were alerted and began investigating in February.

RMH said the "incident has been contained," but if you think you might've been affected, RMH advises you to monitor your credit card statements.

You can find a full statement from RMH and a list of the stores affected here.

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