Craft breweries feeling the pinch from federal tariffs on imported aluminum


Ohio's craft brewing industry now faces a cost increase for aluminum cans after the Trump administration imposed tariffs on imported aluminum and steel.

"The aluminum itself, sheet aluminum, is not manufactured in the United States," said Collin Castore, co-founder of Seventh Son Brewing in Italian Village.

The small brewing company uses bottles, kegs and can to package their beer for sale. But, new tariffs on imported aluminum is raising the cost of cans from wholesale manufacturers.

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"We’ve already seen about a penny increase and while that doesn’t seem like very much, we buy thousands upon thousands of cans at a time," said Castore.

Seventh Son orders about 114 thousand cans per shipment, which is delivered about every two months. That order equals an extra $1,140 per order.

"It's almost like, in the near future, it's going to be like an added rent payment or mortgage payment or something," said Castore.

For now, Castore says the brewery will not increase the price of its canned beer, but the additional cost will have an impact on his ability to expand.

"It hurts our bottom line and we’ve been — a lot of craft breweries in Ohio and around the country -- we’re trying to expand, and we’re trying to create jobs," he said.

Seventh Son, like many local breweries, orders its cans from Crown Packaging, a company that ships aluminum cans across the world.