Coworking spaces becoming popular option for central Ohio business owners


WORTHINGTON, Ohio - Coworking spaces are popping up all over Central Ohio.

"I worked for five years in corporate America in large, mundane office buildings and old cruddy buildings you don't want to go into every day," Samantha Nolan explained.

Nolan, who's a personal branding specialist and owner of Nolan Branding, didn't want to work in that kind of environment.

For her, COhatch was the answer. It's not your typical workplace. The Worthington location is a renovated 200-year-old building, that now houses people who work in different fields for various companies.

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Ann-Michel Kissler started her custom design and floral company, Inspired Settings, a year ago.

"We came here and realized we were grabbing coffee with a marketing guru and all of a sudden we had access to experts we wouldn't be able to afford any other way," she explains.

She says the shared workspace is the better alternative to working from home.

"You know in your own home you get distracted so there aren't the distractions here. It gets you up, going, get motivated," she says.

The motivation in setting up shop at shared workplaces is evident by just how many are popping up in Central Ohio.

Right now, there are more than 2 dozen to choose from, including the Idea Foundry, The Perch, Versa and the Nest.

The membership fees vary but there is one thing they all have in common, coworking spaces are appealing to those looking for a change of scenery.

"I think the biggest drawback is having to get up and get dressed," Kissler says.

It's a minor drawback to what many there agree, is a space that's good business.

"When clients come into COhatch they're immediately impressed this is who they're doing business with. Whether it's using a launch room or meeting room. It allows your business to look bigger than it might be," Nolan adds.