Couple and 2-month-old son survive after crossing paths with Richland County tornado


Ryan and Haley Hess are lucky to be alive. They crossed paths with the EF-2 tornado that hit Shelby on Sunday evening.

The couple had been shopping for a car when the tornado warning was sounded. They live right around the corner and were rushing home to get to their safe place when Haley saw debris circling in the air nearby.

She knew she was looking at a tornado and couldn't believe how quickly it caught up to them.

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"In a minute we were driving down the road and we couldn't see anything. We had no control and I just kept thinking, 'This isn't happening, we're not going through this.' I thought, 'This is crazy, we're not going to make it. This is it.'" said Haley.

The couple was driving on Technology Parkway when what they believe was a telephone pole snapped, hit the car and knocked out Ryan.

"We ended up coasting to a stop here and once everything calmed down a little bit we went into a building to seek shelter," said Ryan.

The car was destroyed but thankfully the couple and their 2-month-old son were alive. They say their boy appeared to escape without a scratch. Ryan did suffer a concussion, though.

"His face was covered in mud, the whole windshield had caved in on top of him and I didn't even look in the back seat for my baby because I was too scared," recalled Haley.

Ryan says the story is nothing short of miraculous.

"It's just amazing, God looking over us. Just being there keeping us safe," he said.

The couple says insurance will take care of the car. It's happy everyone is okay because a vehicle can be replaced and what really matters, family, is safe and sound.