County ends veteran homelessness


Ending veteran homelessness is a goal for communities across the country, but according to WINK, one Florida county is making it a reality.

“I went back to the woods, I lived in motels. I didn't like myself. I wouldn't shave, I wouldn't shower. I didn't want any of my family or friends to know,” veteran James Murphy said.

That all changed for Murphy when someone told him to go to Charlotte County, Florida.

Murphy was one of 250 people to get a voucher to help homeless veterans find a home.

“I came here, two weeks I got my voucher. You know, to me, that’s a blessing,” Murphy said. He is now looking for an apartment.

Angela Hogan with the Charlotte County homeless coalition says the county has a system in place and resources available to house every veteran in need. “We have made homelessness in our community rare, brief and non-reoccurring.”