Country singer Ned LeDoux says his 2-year-old daughter died in a choking accident


Country singer Ned LeDoux and his wife Morgan are mourning the loss of their 2-year-old daughter.

In a Facebook post on shared by LeDoux on Sunday, he said the family lost their daughter following a choking incident.

"It is with great sadness that Ned & Morgan inform friends and fans that their two year old daughter Haven passed away on October 20th due to a tragic choking accident in the home," the Facebook post says. "The LeDoux family appreciates your love and support and is requesting privacy at this time," the family's statement read.

In an original post, which has since been edited according to Taste of Country, LeDoux said that paramedics were called to their northeast Kansas home, but attempts to attempts to resuscitate her were unsuccessful.

According to an Instagram post from LeDoux, his daughter had just turned two years old six weeks ago.

Ledoux is the son of singer-songwriter and rodeo champion Chris LeDoux.

In 1998, Ned began playing drums for his father's band Western Underground before producing solo material in 2015, with his his first full-length album Sagebrush released in 2017.