COTA, Donatos team up to deliver 1,000 pizzas to transit workers


COLUMBUS, Ohio -- The Central Ohio Transit Authority teamed up with Donatos to deliver 1,000 personal pizzas to hundreds of COTA transit employees for their hard work during the coronavirus pandemic.

According to COTA, hundreds of the company's operators, vehicle maintenance technicians and customer service representatives still report to work every day since public transportation is classified as an essential service under Ohio's stay-at-home order.

Therefore, COTA and Donatos teamed up to host a "Social Distance" pizza party at seven COTA locations. Each employee received a personal pizza and a thank you note from Donatos and COTA.

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COTA also launched a social media campaign called #COTAHeroesAtWork, to recognize the transit workers who provide daily service connecting people to health care, jobs, grocery stores and 15 Columbus City schools, where children are receiving free breakfasts and lunches during school closures.

The campaign features COTA employees holding up signs saying “Hero at Work.”

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