Coroner's report: Franklin County inmate died from fentanyl intoxication


COLUMBUS -- A coroner's report says a Franklin County inmate who was rushed to hospital in early October died from fentanyl intoxication, according to records obtained Friday by 10 Investigates.

Twenty-nine-year-old Brent Gibney had both fentanyl and acetyl fentanyl in his system, according to the autopsy report.

Now, his parents want to know how it got in his system.

The Franklin County Sheriff's Department is still investigating the incident. A spokesman did not respond to requests for comment Friday afternoon.

A department spokesman previously told 10 Investigates that Gibney was found unresponsive in his cell October 1 and transported to Grant Medical Center where he died three days later. But Brent's mother, Debbie Gibney, tells 10 Investigates she and her husband have concerns over Brent's care.

"I immediately called the detective and said 'how did this happen?' and he was polite but I was basically told we are at a standstill until they get the information themselves in the report," Debbie Gibney told 10 Investigates. "I want to know how this could possibly get to him in there. He had been in there seven months... we are just so angry that this could even reach him in there."

A copy of the offense report provided to 10 Investigates shows that Brent Gibney was found in his cell with an "unknown white powder."

Medical records provided to 10 Investigates show that Gibney had 53.5 ng/ml of fentanyl in his urine along with 20.6 ng/ml of norfentanyl in his urine, which was collected on October 2, two days before he died.

10 Investigates has filed open records requests with the Franklin County Sheriff's department, but the department has declined to provide any documents while the investigation is still pending.

Brent's father posted a video to Facebook Tuesday morning saying he knows his son had struggled with opioid addiction but thought he would kick his habit in jail. He expressed disappointment with the Franklin County Jail.

“Right now with the coroner’s report coming out since the incident occurred, we are continuing a thorough investigation,” said Marc Gofstein, a spokesman for the sheriff’s department. “Now that is coroner’s report is out, we are focusing on how fentanyl got into the jail, that’s part of the investigation. Any death is taken seriously.”

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