Coroner reports spike in overdose deaths in Columbus over 12-hour period

Franklin County Coroner's Office (WBNS-10TV)

The Franklin County Coroner’s Office has seen a surge in overdose deaths over a 12-hour period in Franklin County.

Between the hours of 2:30 p.m. Tuesday and 12:44 a.m. Wednesday there were five apparent overdose deaths located in the south and southwestern area of Columbus.

The coroner's toxicology team is conducting testing to confirm if the overdose deaths are fentanyl-related.

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The coroner urges Franklin County residents with family or friends that might be at risk for an overdose, please take the necessary steps to have Naloxone available for them.

The general public can obtain naloxone at any pharmacy without a prescription at a cost or with health insurance.

Franklin County Public Health along with Project DAWN (Deaths Avoided with Naloxone) will also provide free naloxone with a brief training.

To locate these sites please visit:

Other distributors of naloxone can be found through the Columbus Public Health website:

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