Coroner reports 28 overdoses from Friday night to Saturday night in Franklin County

Franklin County Coroner's Office (WBSN-10TV)

COLUMBUS, Ohio — Franklin County Coroner Dr. Anahi Ortiz said her office has seen 28 overdoses from Friday night going into Saturday night.

“COVID 19 has showed us the vulnerabilities and deficiencies in our addiction services. In addition, it has increased the mental health needs of this population," she said in an online post.

Ortiz said from January to April 15, her office saw a 50% increase in fatal overdoses. In April, her office saw 62 people die of overdoses and that more younger people died of overdoses that month than in 2019.

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Ortiz said a lot of the cocaine in the county is cut with fentanyl and sold without people knowing. She said it's important to push narcan and fentanyl test strips.

“We need to check in with those who use. And, we need to continue to advocate for wiser and better ways of treating those with addictions," she said.

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