Coroner identifies body found in landfill as missing Mount Gilead 14-year-old


The Lucas County Coroner’s Office says the body found in a Crawford County landfill on Tuesday is that of 14-year-old Skylar Bentley of Mount Gilead.

Skylar was reported missing by his parents on Monday morning. They told investigators they'd last seen the boy when he went to bed Sunday night.

A search of security video at Mt. Gilead Middle School revealed an important, but puzzling, development. Investigators say at around 5:15 a.m. Monday, Skylar was seen climbing into a dumpster behind the school.

"The video shows he's by himself, there's no one else around. He walks up to the dumpster, opens the lid, kind of jumps up on to the side of it, and just kind of slides down in. That's it. There's no one else around, the lid never opens back up, he never re-emerges," said Mt. Gilead Police Chief Brian Zerman.

Three hours later, the video shows a garbage truck emptying the dumpster, taking its contents to the Crawford County landfill, where Tuesday afternoon, the body of a white male was discovered.

The coroner positively identified the body found as Skylar on Friday.

"There are a lot of questions we're just not going to have answers to. The why is the big one," Zerman said. "You want to find that closure for the family. You want to help them the best you can."

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