Cool at School: Students helping the homeless through various projects


COLUMBUS, Ohio - Homelessness is a problem that affects people of all ages. Local advocacy group "See Kids Dream" recently teamed up with Crimson Cup Coffee to give students from Ohio Avenue Elementary the opportunity to help the homeless.

Students crafted an original video to create awareness about homelessness and to let people know there's somewhere they can go to get help. "For our video, we show, like, the organization that they can go to -- Huckleberry House -- and what they do there," said fifth-grader Jerome Johnson.

Melissa Rogner, director of marketing from Crimson Cup and a volunteer for Project Dream said, "It was really uplifting to see how children were empowered to think beyond themselves. And I think that's a cool component of how you build a really positive community."

Student Daylanie Johnson understands the importance of being involved in the community: "If you know somebody's struggling and you don't help them, it's a problem," he said. "Like, you need to help people when you know they're struggling."

See Kids Dream is actively involved in a number of projects that encourage critical thinking and civic engagement. Click here to learn more about the organization and they work they do.