Connecting With Community: Gracehaven


Gracehaven was founded to care for the growing number of victims of domestic minor sex trafficking. More than 1,000 minors are sexually trafficked in Ohio annually.

To effectively care for victims and prevent others from being enslaved in this life, Gracehaven employs a comprehensive approach to combating domestic minor sex trafficking: prevention education, community collaboration, intervention training, survivor care and support.

Teenagers who are at the most risk for domestic minor sex trafficking often have no concept of its reality.

Their peers are often unaware of the risk to the teens around them. Gracehaven provides strategic presentations in the schools and other venues to educate youths and adults about sex trafficking.

Presentations designed to raise awareness of the problem of trafficking are available for churches and other community groups as well.

2015 Outreach Results:

Prevention Education with teens in school, churches and community groups: 3,224

Intervention Training with teachers, social workers and church leaders: 522

Survivor Support Services: 41

Opportunities to get involved include hosting a fundraiser, donating, volunteering, scheduling a training, and speaking engagements. Learn more:

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