Concealed carry permits in Franklin County expected to hit record level

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More Ohioans are seeking CCW permits
Concealed Carry Permits

Local sheriff’s offices say there’s a direct correlation between the topic of gun control and the number of people applying for concealed carry licenses.

“Whether it’s school shootings, terrorism, random acts of violence, nothing seems to motivate people to get a CCW permit more than the discussion of gun control,” says Major Steve Tucker with the Franklin County Sheriff’s Office.

Gun safety has been making headlines ever since the February 14th shooting in Parkland, Florida at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School killed 17 students and staff.

Major Tucker says the movement that soon followed - #NEVERAGAIN – took the discussion of gun control to new heights, which influenced the number of CCW permit applications the sheriff’s office is now experiencing.

“Comparatively, when you look at years past, we’ve seen 6, 7, 10,000 but we’ve never had a year with over 13,000,” Tucker adds.

Another trend often seen with concealed carry permit applications is during a presidential election when the debate over guns rises to the forefront every four years.

In the most recent presidential election in 2016, the Ohio Attorney General’s office issued 117,953 *new* concealed carry licenses. That year also marked the largest number of CCW permits since 2004 when licenses were first issued in the state.

“We see people begin to come into sheriff’s office to apply for CCW applications because people think that there's going to be an overreach on the part of the federal government,” explains Tucker.