Concealed Carry Permit Takes Effect, Many Customers Unhappy


People with concealed carry permits in Ohio were allowed to bring their weapons into bars and restaurants starting on Friday night.

In June, Gov. John Kasich signed Senate Bill 17 into law, giving Ohio's concealed permit holders the legal right to carry a handgun in any place that serves alcohol, however, permit holders are not allowed to drink, 10TV's Kevin Landers reported.

Many bar owners disagreed with the new law, though.

"What if something happens and they pull their guns? And they go to fire and they miss aim and on of my staff goes down, or one of my patrons go down? Now I have to explain that I don't want any part of that," Final Score Sports Bar Owner Kim Rowe said.

Rowe hangs a sign outside the bar's front door prohibiting guns.

Supporters of the new law argue it made no sense to carry a concealed weapon in certain places but not others. They also said they should be allowed to protect themselves and their families where ever they are, Landers reported.

"I like it," said Crazy Fox Saloon Owner Larry Williams. "I think you should have the right to carry a gun."

Williams does not have a sign banning guns in his bar.

"I'm going to leave it up to my customers. If I have too many negatives I'll put the sign up. If I have one incident I'll put the sign up," Williams said.

Bar-goers did not care for the new law, saying they did not like the idea of dining next to someone with a loaded gun.

"I don't like that law and I would much rather not have guns in bars and restaurants," customer Amy Wright said.

"If that person starts drinking, people do all kinds of crazy things when they drink," customer Erica Miller said. "I don't want to be in a bar where somebody has a gun."

The new law also removes the requirement that permit holders keep their guns in a holster, locked case, or unlocked in plain sight," Landers reported.

Ohio joins 44 other states that have passed similar laws, Landers reported.

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