Community Gears Up For Another Levy Battle


Supporters of another levy proposal in the South-Western City School District used the weekend to begin preparations for their campaign push.

Hundreds of people gathered Sunday at a church where Ohio Attorney General Richard Cordray spoke, urging residents to vote in favor of a 7.4 mill levy in November, 10TV's Brittany Westbrook reported.

"We have four crucial weeks before now and Election Day to get this done," Cordray said.

Athletics and extracurricular activities were among the cuts made by the district after another levy failed earlier this year.
The district said an additional $34 million will have to be from the budget over the next two years if the proposal fails in November, 10TV News reported.

While the threat of more cuts looms, there remains a strong opposition in the community to any plan that raises taxes.

Terry Jones, with the group Southwestern Alternative To Taxes, said homeowners need a voice in any levy decision.

"We want community representation in the decision policies of the district," Jones said.  "We want community representation in contract negotiations and we want the tax policy to be fair for everybody.  The property tax on homeowners is not a fair tax."

If the levy in November passes, the owner of a $100,000 home would pay an additional $227 a year in taxes, 10TV News reported.

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