Columbus Zoo welcomes two orphaned manatees

Grahm S. Jones, Columbus Zoo and Aquarium

The Columbus Zoo and Aquarium has welcomed two young orphaned manatees.

The male manatees, Bananatee and Tostone, were found off of the coast of south Florida.

The two were at the Miami Seaquarium before arriving in Columbus early Thursday.

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Bananatee was rescued on July 27, 2018. When he was brought into Miami, he weighed only 42 pounds. He’s now up to 225 pounds, which the zoo said is still considered small.

Since he is under a year old, the animal care team will bottle feed him as he continues to transition to eating lettuce.

Tostone was rescued on February 8. He weighed only 99 pounds but is now up to 185 pounds.

Bananatee and Tostone are the 30th and 31st manatees to arrive at the zoo for rehabilitation since 1999.

The pair have joined the other three manatees (Heavy Falcon, Carmen, and Stubby) at the zoo’s Manatee Coast pool.

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