Columbus Zoo welcomes adult male polar bear

(Columbus Zoo & Aquarium)

POWELL, Ohio - The Columbus Zoo and Aquarium is celebrating the arrival of an 18-year-old male polar bear from Denver.

Lee arrived at the zoo on Wednesday and traveled with an animal care team to ensure he settles in well.

After completing a mandatory quarantine period, Lee will be introduced to 11-year-old twin sisters Aurora and Anana. They hope to have them breed in the future to produce offspring to benefit their species' population as a whole.

The Columbus Zoo has been successful in its popular bear breeding program with four surviving cubs since the Zoo's Popular Frontier region opened in 2010.

Tim Stalf, President of the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium said, "Lee is an extremely important ambassador for his threatened species, and we are proud to be a part of efforts to help sustain the popular bear population, raise public awareness, and support polar bear research in the Arctic."