Columbus Urban League opens new Huntington Empowerment Center


The Columbus Urban League's new Huntington Empowerment Center on Mount Vernon Avenue in Columbus offers a number of educational and transformative programs, including a new "suiting boutique" for men called "My Brother's Closet."

"When I come to My Brother's Closet and, you know, get a suit," Bobby Faulkner says, "you know, it makes you feel good."

In his own words, Faulkner says he made some mistakes in life that led to him being incarcerated. When he got out, My Brother's Closet offered him a new suit and a new outlook on life. "There was a lot of barriers," he says, "but I've overcome them."

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Faulkner says My Brother's Closet -- and the Columbus Urban League -- helped him get back on his feet.

"They don't just get you fitted, you know. They pick at your brain. How do you feel? What was your backstory? Where do you want to go from here? Where do you see yourself? What can we do to help?"

Faulkner encourages others who might also be dealing with transitioning back to life on the "outside" to give the Urban League a call. "Do not give up. Never give up," Faulkner says. "That would be my main message. Just do not -- don't put yourself down -- because there's always people out there willing to help."

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