Columbus teacher accused of breaking student's hand


COLUMBUS, Ohio – A Columbus teacher is facing a felony charge of endangering children after being accused of breaking a child’s hand.

David Ring, a teacher at Imagine Columbus Primary Academy, was arraigned in Franklin County Municipal Court on Tuesday in connection to an incident that happened on October 24.

Ring told the students in his classroom to put their heads down and one student did not do as asked, according to court documents.

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Court documents allege he then took the student out into the hallway and tried to sit him down in a chair but the student refused.

Ring is accused of then forcefully slamming a child “into a chair while the child’s hand was underneath him” which caused the child to fracture his hand, according to court records.

Ring posted bond on Tuesday and his next scheduled court appearance is later this month.

10TV reached out to Imagine Columbus Primary Academy but the school declined to comment on the case.