Columbus school board votes to cut employees for next school year


Dozens of Columbus City Schools employees will be without a job in the next school year.

School board members say the cuts had to be made, after the state short-changed them on funding.

"It has taken bold conversations to get us here," CCS Interim Superintendent Dr. John Stanford said.

It's a decision that had to be made.

"I think they have been listening to some of the feedback from the community," parent Christina McMenemy said.

Inside the Columbus Education Center Tuesday night, the Columbus City School Board voted to cut staff.

"Each of these personnel reductions were identified as having the least amount of impact," Dr. Stanford said.

Sixty-one full-time employees, including teachers, will be eliminated beginning next school year. Originally, the district had 163 jobs on the chopping block.

"It's nice to know that the FTEs were cut down to half of what they were originally planning," McMenemy said.

School officials say the majority of those positions will be reduced through attrition, meaning employees that leave will not be replaced.

"If most of the personnel you know can be cut through attrition that would be great. That would be great if they didn't have to make any actual cuts," McMenemy said.

While board members say these cuts will be felt across the district, they aren't done yet.

"By June we need approve our annual appropriations legislation, which is the rest of what people think of as the budget," Board President Gary Baker said.

Next in line for potential cuts are programs, partnerships, supplies and more.

"My concerns are just the academic programs going to be cut. In some ways that's going to affect kids," McMenemy said.

District officials say the school board needed to make personnel decisions first, because of the deadline for the Teacher and Staff Allocation Process for the next school year.