Columbus police officer helps 96-year-old woman; buys her birthday cake

Columbus Police officer Adam Hardwick gives 96-year-old Thelma a birthday cake (Columbus Police)

It started as a ho-hum call for Columbus police. A resident was having trouble with her keys and had no one else to call.

Officer Adam Hardwick went to Thelma's home and helped her out by fixing her door, removing and adjusting the striker plate. Then he went above and beyond.

Hardwick labeled her keys so she wouldn't be confused as to which key went with which lock.

Then, he completed a few more odd jobs. According to a post on social media, Hardwick was polite, professional, and explained to Thelma what he was doing so she understood the repairs he was making.

As they chit-chatted, Thelma, who said she has outlived her entire family -- including children -- mentioned no one gave her a cake for her 96th birthday.

Hardwick clearly couldn't let that stand. Monday, Hardwick returned to Thelma's home with officer Mel Romans and a chocolate cake.

Thelma was so happy to get her birthday cake and she let the officers know that chocolate was her favorite kind.

Thelma told police "the only people she has left are God and her Policemen."

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