Columbus police officer charged with paying for sex on the job


As a Columbus Police Officer, 45 year-old Randall Mayhew swore to serve and protect.

He's now accused of breaking that oath by repeatedly engaging in a crime he's arrested others for.

Criminal complaints obtained by 10tv lay out the charges:

  • Three counts of solicitation- offering to pay for sex
  • Three counts of prostitution- the act of engaging in sex for money
  • One count of Dereliction of Duty

Investigators say in November of 2015, Mayhew paid $40 for a sex act with a woman in a home on South Ogden Avenue.

According to court records, the woman's boyfriend backs up her claim.

In September 2015, investigators say Mayhew picked up a woman in his cruiser, drove her to the 3400 block of Valleyview Drive, and paid her $60 for a sex act in his cruiser.

Police said he did the same with another woman in his cruiser in the 1600 block of West Mound Street.

In all three cases, they said Mayhew was on duty, and in all three cases, they said GPS data from his cruiser places him at the scene.

The second case is also the basis for the Dereliction of Duty charge:

Investigators said he ran a warrant check on the woman, and despite her having two open warrants, he failed to place her under arrest.

If convicted, Mayhew faces three years and three months in prison.

He was relieved of duty at the start of this investigation more than a year ago, and remains on desk duty.

Columbus Police said once his criminal case is resolved, an administrative investigation will begin to determine whether he will keep his job.

Mayhew declined comment.

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