Columbus police investigating several crimes involving young armed suspects

Courtesy: Columbus Police

COLUMBUS -- In the past couple of weeks, Columbus has seen several violent attacks, and many of the suspects are young and armed, according to Columbus police.

On Walters Street off of East 5th Avenue, police said two men told a woman they were going to buy a puppy from her. When they showed up at her door, they robbed her at gunpoint, and shot and killed the puppy.

“They pistol-whipped the female victim, demanded cash, drug her through her home by her hair,” said Columbus police Sergeant Chantay Boxill.

Police chased the suspects and after a few blocks were able to catch up with the pair, and arrested them.

“They pose a serious risk of physical harm to themselves and to others. They've shown disregard for life,” Boxill explained.

Police say this incident comes after two other young suspects held up three people at gunpoint in less than an hour near Tuttle Crossing Mall and Sawmill Road.

“These individuals, despite their ages, are armed and dangerous,” Boxill said.

Police said they are investigating another incident where young suspects walked up to a man and beat him. That crime happened on Allegheny Avenue near Columbus Africentric High School.

“They just out of the blue they snuck up on him, grabbed him, and started beating on him,” Boxill said.

Police are urging everyone to be more aware of their surroundings.

“I'm just praying for the lady. I can't believe that happened,” said parent Ciara Goins.