Columbus police, departments across the country team up with Ring cameras


“We know there were three people that were hit by this guy. He was doing drive-bys, dropping off and picking up empty boxers and taking our merchandise,” said Peggy Blake.

Blake says a man took a delivery from a neighbor, stole what was inside, and left that empty box at Blake's house. She was expecting clothes for school for her grandson.

“Our Ring video caught all of it, we saw what he did,” Blake said.

Blake is hoping with that video, Columbus police can catch the thief. Ring is hoping for the same. As they are now working with police departments across the country.

With 400 departments partnering with Ring across the country, some worry if that means big brother will always be watching.

“We certainly understand that there would be a concern about privacy, there is not. We do not know who owns these cameras. We do not have live access to these cameras,” said Columbus Police Officer Greg Colarich.

The Columbus Police Department was the first in the state to team up with Ring. The partnership allows them access to a portal where they can see all the videos neighbors post publicly.

“It has a feed where it shows the public neighborhood posts, where people are posting things that are happening in their neighborhoods at the time,” Colarich explained.

What it doesn't give them is live access to your surveillance video. If the police see there is an incident in your area, they will send out an email to that neighborhood asking if anyone is willing to share their video.

“Once that email has sent out, the individual gets an alert on their phone. They have the option to either accept that or deny it. If they accept to share the video, we would have access to the video during those times,” Colarich said.

Blake is more than willing to give police that access if it helps catch the thief.

“I'm sending this video out to the Ring community. I put it on social media. There are a lot of people who have already seen this video. I have no concerns of them getting this video,” Blake said.

Police have to send out an email request for each incident. This partnership started about three months ago.