Columbus named one of the gloomiest cities in America

File Photo - Columbus Ohio (WBNS-10TV)

According to the website, Columbus is one of the gloomiest cities in America.

The website took a look at the 50 biggest cities in the country and ranked them based on how often they get cloudy skies, how much rain and snow they get, and how many hours of daylight they get.

As you can imagine, Seattle ranks as the most gloomy city in America, but Columbus isn't far behind at the 7th gloomiest.

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Cleveland also made the list as the 3rd most gloomy city.

The Doppler10 took a closer look at the weather stats that caused Columbus to be ranked so gloomy, and here's what they found:

It's cloudy 53% of the year in Columbus. In Seattle, it's cloudy 63% of the year. What's interesting is Seattle is pretty sunny in the summer. It's just the cold seasons when it's really cloudy all the time.

Believe it or not, Columbus gets more rain and snow than Seattle does. Columbus gets around 39 inches of precipitation each year. Seattle is a bit lower at 37.5". Seattle doesn't get a whole lot of thunderstorms, whereas Ohio will in the summer. Instead, Seattle gets a lot more misty days than we do.

Looking at Cleveland, they're cloudy 56% of the year and get about the same amount of rain and snow as Columbus does.

Other cities around the Midwest like Milwaukee, Chicago, and Detroit also made the top 10 list of gloomiest cities in the United States.

The Great Lakes are a main reason for why the skies get so gloomy, particularly in the winter, around the Midwest.