Columbus man takes to the trails on unicycle


Tom Schneider loves riding his cycle on the trails.

There is something about being in the woods, enjoying nature. But you might be surprised to know that Tom rides the trails on just one wheel.

That's right, Tom is a mountain unicyclist.

“I have got a strange relationship with fear,” Schneider said. “While most people turn and run from it, I embrace it. It is something I have always had. That is why I have been a skydiver, repelling and mountain unicycling.”

Tom is 55-years-old and a self-proclaimed daredevil but he also stresses that proper protection is a must.

Schneider said you must wear a helmet and pads if you are going to do this.

"We have a saying in the sport, if you are not falling you are not learning. So be prepared and when you get to be my age 55 when you fall it hurts more and it takes forever to heal,” he said.

Schneider’s goal is to see this sport grow and he is willing to teach anyone interested. He said the best way to contact him is on Facebook.

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