Columbus man seeking clemency appears before parole board


Sixty-two-year-old Mickey Tate went in front of the Ohio Parole Board last week to ask for clemency on a 30-year-old case.

Tate was convicted in 1989 of attempted drug abuse and concealed weapon charges.

He successfully completed drug treatment and probation, and community leaders say he has since been a model citizen.

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Tate says the decades-old convictions on his record have prevented him from getting security jobs with the state, city and school district.

Even Franklin County Prosecutor Ron O'Brien wrote a letter in support of his pardon.

But Tuesday, the parole board surprised Tate with news of an open warrant from a 2001 zoning violation case.

Thursday a Franklin County Judge agreed to set aside that warrant and terminate the case.

Judge Stephanie Mingo says she and prosecutors agreed to close the case because the reason for the warrant was now moot.

The parole board will now vote on Tate's pardon request, but the governor will have the final say.