Columbus man finds his long-lost brother through an at-home DNA test kit


Drew Norman's parents split when he was young. It wasn't until he turned 17 that his mom said she had a confession.

“My mother said, you know what, I've got something I need to tell you. You actually have a brother that I put up for adoption,” Norman said.

Norman thought quite a bit about what that brother would be like, but never took the steps to find him.

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After his father died, Norman decided to take an at-home DNA test to reconnect with his family.

“For the most part I was like, there's no way I'll find my brother. I just wanted to find out about my history, see all about our ancestry,” Norman said.

It didn't take long and Norman got his results.

“There's his photo, and I'm like, holy crap. It looked just like me. It was a mirror image,” Norman said.

There he was, the brother he never met.

“He used Ancestry as well and what's remarkable is that he turned the DNA the exact same time I did,” Norman said.

The two first connected on Facebook. Norman admits he was nervous about that first phone call.

“Imagine talking to yourself,” Norman said with a smile.

He says it was almost eerie how similar the long-lost brothers are.

“It's just so cool how you could have this other piece of you that's out there that has so many similarities,” Norman said.

The two are looking forward to meeting for the first time in person, with their mother, in September.

“It's this whole other chapter of my life. We can really explore and get to know him,” Norman said.