Columbus man accused of recording sexual assault of young girl

(Franklin County Sheriff's Office)

FRANKLIN COUNTY, Ohio — The Franklin County Sheriff's Office wants you to take a long look at Jarad Burney’s mugshot.

He's accused of sexually assaulting a young girl, and they are worried there may be other victims out there.

“This is really where they need the public’s help. If an adult knows Burney has spent time with their child, unattended, without the parent being present, we really want to talk that parent,” said Franklin County Sheriff’s Office Major Steven Tucker.

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Burney barricaded himself in his apartment this summer as the sheriff's office tried to search inside. At the time, he was under investigation for disseminating child pornography. He later bonded out of jail.

They arrested him again Thursday night after they say they found video of Burney sexually assaulting a young girl.

“This is one of the difficulties in these investigations, because the technology continues to advance as such a rapid pace, and because some of the applications that people use are just innately encrypted,” Tucker said of the span of time between arrests.

The Sheriff's office believes Burney was making those videos inside his apartment. They also believe the victim is a child of someone he knows.

“It is our belief that this is somebody who he would know their parents on a social level,” Tucker said.

Which is why the sheriff's office is pleading for parents who recognize Burney to call them if they think their child may have come into contact with him.

“We want to know exactly when they had contact with them, and we want to help that parent with what to do next to find out whether or not an assault occurred,” Tucker said.

If you think your child may have spent time with Burney, you are asked to call the Internet Crimes Against Children Unit at 614-525-3448.