Columbus Launches Historic Collaborative Arts Campaign


Maya Mougey has been playing music and writing her own songs since she was in the third grade, surprising even her parents with her talent.  "She told my husband and me she wrote a song. She played it on a keyboard. I said, are you sure you wrote that song, because it was pretty good for being that age. That's when we realized she knows how to do this," said her mother Ketki Mougey.

After taking lessons for a short time, at 12-years-old, Maya now plays by ear.  Most of her music is inspired by life experiences, and her most recent song came after a singing competition.

"I was the only one there that had a guitar, Maya recalls.  "I felt really different and out of place and that's when I realized it wasn't that bad to be different and that's when I wrote my song start."

Another one of her creations came to mind after some tough testing at school.  Maya is developing her skills with the Columbus song writers association.  She's one of the many artists that's part of the new Art Makes Columbus, Columbus Makes Art campaign.

On, stories behind dozens of local painters, dancers and musicians are shared so that people can connect and engage with our city's artistic talent.

"We want to sell more tickets, we want artists to sell more art. It's important for our artists to feel like we value them and people to get to know creative individuals in our community," said Jami Goldstein, with The Greater Columbus Arts Council. 

Creative minds that choose to develop and pursue their careers here in Columbus, like Maya. Her goal is to keep up her school work, while getting a start on becoming a famous singer and song writer.

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