Columbus, Franklin County leaders unveil plan to combat addiction

Leaders unveil new 2020 Columbus & Franklin Co. Addiction Plan

COLUMBUS, Ohio (10TV) - Columbus and Franklin County leaders are rolling out a new plan to address the opiate crisis.

In Franklin County, two residents die each day from unintentional drug overdoses. In 2018, 476 Franklin County residents died from an overdose. From January to September 2019, that number increased nine-percent from the same period last year with 380 residents dying.

"Addiction is a chronic, relapsing brain disease that no one chooses or wants," said Health Commissioner Dr. Mysheika Roberts. "When someone loses a parent, child, friend or neighbor to addiction, our whole community suffers."

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On Tuesday, dozens of community partners gathered to hear the 2020 Columbus and Franklin County Addiction Plan at Columbus Public Health.

The plan has three main goals:

  • Decrease overdose deaths by 15%
  • Decrease overdoses by 15%
  • Decrease the rate of Infectious Diseases by 10%

"Our country is facing an opioid addiction crisis, and our community has been particularly hard hit," said Mayor Andrew Ginther. "The word 'crisis' is not an exaggeration, and the solution is not simple. But, we are committed to doing whatever it takes to help those with the disease of addiction , their families, and neighborhoods."

This is the second generation of the plan, formerly known as the Franklin County Opiate Action Plan.

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