Columbus Division of Fire warns about dry leaves that could cause a fire

File photo (WBNS-10TV)

Fall is here and we can already see the leaves fall from the trees which means it's time to rake.

In some communities, homeowners are allowed to rake the leaves to the curb, but there's a problem that surfaces with that and it's something the Columbus Division of Fire wants to warn you about.

It all starts when you park your car over a pile of dry leaves.

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"If the leaves are piled high enough it could cause you issues with the hot temperatures under the car," AAA auto expert Steve Miller said.

That's because under your car sits the catalytic converter which is an item on your car that can overheat up to 1,000 degrees after running your vehicle for only ten minutes. The converter only sits about a foot and a half off the ground and many leaf piles are much higher than that.

Once the two come in contact, Miller says it's only a matter of time before a fire starts. When that happens it will spread quickly to your car where many parts are made of plastic, including the gas tank.

At that point Miller says, "you're literally pouring fuel on the fire.” The Columbus Division of Fire respond to these types of fires almost every year. They say it's something motorists just don't think about but now is the time to start.

CFD recommends that you avoid parking on a pile of leaves all together. If you do make this mistake, it could cost tens of thousands of dollars.