Columbus couple has collected Pez dispensers for more than 20 years


Lynda and Jeff Gilligan of Columbus are not bashful when it comes to their collection of Pez candy dispensers.

What started as just a fun thing 23 years ago has turned into an incredible collection.

It was 23 years ago on Christmas that Jeff put a few Pez dispensers in Lynda’s stocking and from that the Gilligan’s turned into self-proclaimed Pez Heads.

They have a collection of well over 1,500 dispensers and most of them are on display in their Pez Room.

This collection of Pez pretty much covers the gamut, including a collection of all the presidents.

Currently, the Gilligan’s are getting ready for the Pez Convention that is held every July in Cleveland. It is the largest Pez Convention in the world.

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