Columbus community groups protest police shooting death of Henry Green


Columbus community leaders, activists and neighbors met in the rain, in front of the Franklin County Municipal Courthouse to demand justice for a man killed by police last week.

The family of Henry Green rallied with protesters Wednesday before they hand delivered a letter to Franklin County Prosecutor Ron O’Brien.

Protest organizers said they want the Columbus police officers who fired fatal shots at the 23-year-old to be charged. They’re also asking for a special prosecutor to oversee the investigation.

The group that says it’s lost faith in the police, chanted on the streets of Columbus to demand a change.

"We are prepared this summer to demand justice. Enough is enough. We've had enough. I'm tired, I'm tired,” Tammy Alsaada said.

Alsaada is the spokesperson for the People’s Justice Project in Columbus. The group helped organize the protest that brought community activists, faith leaders and neighbors together with Green’s family.

"I want justice. I demand justice. Because they have no right,” Green’s uncle, who did not want to be identified, said.

Police shot and killed the 23-year-old last week, while he stood on the corner of Duxberry and Ontario with a friend. Investigators say Green had a gun in his hand when two undercover officers in an unmarked car approached them.

That’s when police said Officer Jason Bare and Officer Zachary Rosen identified themselves and told Green to drop the gun. Police say Green did not, and fired at the officers.

Investigators say both officers fired back, killing Green.

At a press conference on Wednesday afternoon, the attorneys for Green’s family questioned those details, saying witnesses recount a different story.

"We spoke with many witnesses who say that's not what happened. We don't know the truth. We're not sitting here saying the Columbus police gunned him down, we're saying that we want a fair process,” Attorney Sean Walton said.

Green’s parents want the officers who killed their son to be charged. Walton also asked Columbus Mayor Andrew Ginther and city council stand by the Green family.

Police say Bare and Rosen were working the Community Safety Initiative, a summer program aimed to build trust and reduce crime in neighborhoods.

"To come in with an initiative that was in effect for two days and a young man is dead. We want that summer safety initiative ceased, right now,” Alsaada said.

After protestors hand delivered their letter to the county prosecutor, Mayor Ginther released this statement:

"The Columbus Division of Police, Department of Public Safety and the Office of the Mayor are committed to completing an unbiased investigation. I would ask the public to withhold judgment until the investigation and review by the criminal justice system is complete."