Columbus coat drive brings free jackets to children


Five years ago Rebecca Sheehan started the Columbus Coat Coalition. It was after she saw many students come into Cristo Rey High School - where she worked - wearing just hoodies.

Last year she had 12 businesses participating. This year 35 stepped in to help.

"Columbus is known for giving back it's awesome that we live in a community that's willing to do that," she said.

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This year she collected more than 2,000 jackets. That's the most since she started her collection.

Seven hundred of the jackets she collected this year ended up at Cristo Rey High School.

Most of the children who attend come from economically disadvantaged homes. In exchange for paying tuition at the school, they work for local businesses who pay their schooling in return for work.

"It means a lot it shows that people care about us," said Sophomore Samuel Alexander.

"This is like one of the most fun days of the winter season because a lot of us don't have thick coats and to be able to come in here and look for everything its fun," said Senior Chanel Barnett.

For the second year in a row, 100 percent of Cristo Rey Columbus seniors have been accepted into at least one college or university. The 72 students of the Class of 2018 have received 344 letters of acceptance from more than 120 colleges and universities across the nation and earned $6 million in academic scholarships.

Any jackets or scarves that were not taken end up going to other schools like Hamilton Stem and Whitehall along with the Faith Mission.