Columbus City Schools Make Cuts For Next Year's Budget


Columbus City Schools is set to adopt its 2015 Fiscal Year Plan of budget reductions.

After last year's failed levy, the district initially thought it would have to reduce spending by close to $50 million.

But a district spokesperson says after crunching the numbers, the district has to cut a little less than half of that amount.

At Tuesday’s regular board meeting the board of education is expected to authorize Superintendent Dr. Dan Good to implement the budget plan which cuts approximately $22.6 million, to take effect the beginning of Fiscal Year 2105 which begins July 1, 2014.

Almost half of the amount comes from school closings which were already announced. Closing the schools cuts $8.9 million.

In addition, two of the district's year-round schools will switch to a traditional calendar in the fall.

That cuts more than one point two million dollars.

After the summer, Africentric Early College K-12 School and Weinland Park Elementary will no longer operate year round.

They will open in the fall at the same time as other schools in the district.

Woodcrest Elementary will become the district's sole year-round school.