Columbus Begins Citywide Bump Stock Ban

An employee of North Raleigh Guns demonstrates how a 'bump' stock works (AP Photo/Allen Breed, File)

People in Columbus are asked to take a second look at what gun-related equipment they have as city legislation changes.

Columbus moved into a citywide ban of bump stocks guns along with other changes Wednesday. City Council members say it was a move for better safety for families and an effort to curb violence within the community.

It is now illegal to own bump stocks in Columbus. Other gun accessories are no longer allowed and the council's ordinance also bans toy guns that do not have the orange caps on them.

Bump stocks can be mounted to semi-automatic rifles and can allow an increased rate-of-fire that is similar to fully-automatic weapons. They gained notoriety when they were allegedly found in the hotel room of Stephen Paddock after 58 people were killed in Las Vegas last October.

Some people supporting the second amendment right of the people to keep and bear arms voice concern. Florida was sued after passing its sweeping gun reform law that also raised the age to purchase rifles and instituted a waiting period for handguns.

In Columbus, police play a role in the changes. Anyone looking to discard the now illegal items can drop them off at the South Columbus Police property room.

Officers said people can also call the police department and officers will pick them up from your home. The department said it will melt down all of the items to be sure they are not used in any future situation.

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