Columbus army doctor remembers Patriot Day, pushes for vaccinations

Dr. Glenn Williams

COLUMBUS -- Glenn Williams gets his family ready for school. It's almost like any other day.

Except it's Patriot Day.

Although his kids were born after 9/11, there are other reminders in his house. Like his Army reserve uniform. Williams' time in the reserves has allowed him to go places he would never have gone.

Places like Kuwait and Japan, where he went to serve his country, saying, "I take care of soldiers that would come into the support hospital and take care of them, try to get them moved forward or back to duty."

Once Williams' kids are off to school, dad duties turn to doctor duties. Dr. Glenn Williams is also the Medical Director for OhioHealth Urgent Care.

He knows firsthand from his military service the importance of immunizations for the troops. But far less exotic for the everyday American are the flu shots he administers regularly.

Dr. Williams says pertussis and chicken pox are massively reduced because of immunization. For the flu, it's also important to reduce the myths. Like the one about getting the flu from the flu shot itself.

He says that icky feeling some may get from a flu shot is actually your body building its defense against the flu. Dr. Williams says it's usually pretty accurate and it's a pretty good, successful vaccination.

One that experts believe can prevent spreading the flu within your family and beyond.

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