Columbus and Whitehall police raid suspected drug houses


Donna Fairfax watched in disbelief as the investigative tactical team, or In/Tac, rushed into the house across the street in her North Linden neighborhood.

“I was just totally shocked. You don't know your neighbors. Just a total shock,” Fairfax said.

The In/Tac team is one of the busiest in the country in serving search warrants. They were looking for drugs and usually find money and weapons.

Thursday as they hit up one home in North Linden and another on South James Road, they seized 58 grams of cocaine, a gun and $7,500 cash.

“On east 12th, you're always going to have people rounding the block, people looking like zombies, walking up and down the street buying drugs. There's always going to be the central location of crime in the neighborhood,” said a Sergeant with the Columbus Police In/Tac unit.

The unit works with agencies across the area. Thursday, they were working with Whitehall police.

“We get 600 missions a year. We probably execute over 300 search warrants a year,” the Sergeant said.

He says typically neighbors like Fairfax are happy to see them try to clean up the neighborhood.

“Every place we go to, believe it or not, people are always applauding us and looking out their doors, giving us the thumbs up sign. That's kind of nice,” he said.

“I appreciate it, keep up the good work!” Fairfax said.